Individual violin and viola lessons

Individual lessons cost £40 for one hour, £30 for 45 minutes. Lessons can be scheduled to suit you, and they can be weekly, fortnightly or less frequent, as required.

I am happy to teach adults from complete beginners to advanced players, or people who are returning to playing an instrument after a break (sometimes of many years!)

I am also open to teaching beginners in a class (of 3 – 4 people), so if you have friends who would like to give this a go, please get in touch.

Classes would include:

  • simple warm-up movements that make it easier to learn how to hold the instrument and the bow
  • simple rhythm games that everyone can do
  • playing by ear and also an introduction to music-reading 
You wouldn’t need to have any previous musical experience to join a class, and I can give you help or advice about renting or buying an instrument.
To find out more, call Marion on 07595 627476 or 01865 806334 or use the contact us page.
Violin and music