Are you an adult player of violin, viola or cello?

Have you been taking lessons for a year or more?

Are you hoping to play with other people but don’t know where to find them?

What we do

During the coronavirus pandemic, music making opportunities had to adapt. We offered many online classes, but are happy that currently all of our activities are live and in person.

We work with adult players, matching you with others of compatible ability.

We provide skillful and supportive coaching, helping you to play in a relaxed way which will allow you to enjoy making music.

We choose and arrange suitable music so that even if you have only been learning for about a year you can enjoy playing with others.

String quartet
Jacques Thibaud

“There is nothing that is so enjoyable for the true artist as ensemble playing with his peers. Solo playing seems quite unimportant beside it.”

Jacques Thibaud

French violinist, 1880-1953